RH Jacksonville Grand Stair

Status: completed

Industry: Misc. Steel

Location: Kingsport, TN

Type: Industrial

Tonnage: 25

Schedule:  4 Weeks

Grand Stair  having Rolled Stringers, Rolled Flat bar railing, decorative railing, Landing Supports as Hangers and Vertical bracings.

Challenges are  Modeling the Stair Structure  with rolled members and rolled railing & Its detailing.


RH KNOX Street Gallery Store

Status: completed

Industry: Misc. Steel

Location: Dallas, TX 

Type: Gallery Store And Restaurant

Tonnage: 80

Schedule:  8 Weeks

The RH Dallas is a Gallery store building which has 3 levels. Scope included all Misc steel detailing & delegated design.

Among  the 3 stairs in scope,  it contained Spiral Grand Stairs, Egress Stair towers with railings, Rails at Main Building, Parking Garage and Rug Flipper Support. We have completed the detailing of project in 8 weeks including fabrication release.

It was very challenging to design and detail the Rolled Stairs with radial pans and rolled railings. There is lot of coordination  done between Main steel to fix the stairs. During, fabrication stage all stairs are adjusted as per field dimensions.

PROJECT Novel Rino

Status: on going

Industry: Misc. Steel

Location: Denver, CO

Type: Residential

Tonnage: 200

Schedule:  24 Weeks

This project is  having a scope of Stairs, Stringer rails  & other Misc. steel

BOF Waste Gas Stack

Status: on going

Industry: Steel detailing

Location:  Granite City, IL

Type: Industrial

Tonnage: 100

Schedule:  4 Weeks

Waste Gas Stack chimney is a part of Oxygen furnace plant & it is having 

160′-0″ length with Platforms, Ladders and Gratings. Below are major items included in our scope

Circular shape and conical shape stack assemblies.

Platform framing, Ladders, Handrails and Gratings.

Stack splice, platform framing and ladders connection and bolts 

Detailing of stack assemblies especially conical shape plate stack assemblies

& Weld preparations at circular stack  splices are the most Challenges in this job.

ALEXIAN Brothers East Tower

Status: on going

Industry: Steel detailing

Location: Elk Grove Village, IL  

Type: Medical Center

Tonnage: 360

Schedule: 12 Weeks   

This is extension of existing building. Three floors added above existing roof & stair also extended accordingly. The building is Medical Center.

Since this is expansion of existing building, main challenge is to co-ordinate with field dimensions of existing steel where new steel is being connected. Several RFI raised for existing co-ordination & getting responses.

Building is having façade system at exterior, hence façade co-ordination done like steel framing & roof anchor support steel.


Status: completed

Industry: Steel detailing

Location:  Northglenn, CO 

Type: Civic Center 

Tonnage: 485

Schedule: 15 Weeks

The Northglenn Civic Center project is a Civic Center  located at 1, Memorial PKWY  in Northglenn, Colorado. This building  has 3 Levels (1st, 2nd & Roof) Mainly divided in 3 Areas i.e. Pool, Gymnasium & Theatre.  

Scope included  all Main  & Misc. steel detailing  & Delegated  Design. Main steel includes AB’s, Embeds, Columns, Beams, Vertical Braces, Parapet steel, RTU frames, Screen wall framing, Mock up Framing  etc.  Misc. steel includes  4 Stair with Rails, Guardrails, Ladders, Dumpster Gates etc. There are Total 4 Sequences for this project

SONOCO Stock Preparation Building

Status: completed

Industry: Steel detailing

Location: Hartsville, SC

Type: Industrial 

Tonnage: 500

Schedule:  10 Weeks

Sonoco Stock Preparation Building is a packaging material manufacturing plant which has 3 levels (Ground floor, Operating and Equipment platform level.) The equipment platform level will be accessible from the operating floor level.

Scope included all main steel, Crane girder rails and exterior metal wall panel support girts detailing.

Equipment support platforms and paper Pulper junk tower tank supporting steel are in scope of work, which we need to detail a radial deck closure and grating support platforms. Coordinating steel guardrail connections around the equipment platforms and stair steel connections with main steel.

There were total 20 sequences to detail in this project & we completed the modeling and detailing work of project within 10 weeks  that including fabrication release without fail as we promised with error free.

It was unique experience to co-ordinate with equipment drawings and other trade drawings to detail equipment support platforms and crane rail support connections and mono rails.

ZIONSVILLE New Elementary School

Status: completed

Industry: Steel detailing

Location: Zionsville, IN

Type: Educational 

Tonnage: 550

Schedule:  12 Weeks

Zionsville is a elementary school which has  total  5 

Areas  A,B,C,D & E

Scope includes base plates, anchor bolts, embeds ,templates, 

Beams, columns, braces, Sky light opening steel and louvers 

different types of openings 

There were total 13 sequences to detail in this project & we 

completed the detailing of project in 12 weeks including fabrication release.

It is very challenging to form the geometry of the beams and columns and apply connection for the hip and Valley beams.


Status: on going

Industry: Steel detailing

Location:  Balmorhea, Texas

Type: School

Tonnage: 739

Schedule: 18 Weeks

The Balmorhea new campus project is a unique structure due to the radial geometry of the project located in the Balmorhea in Texas. The major items included in the scope are Columns, base plates, anchor bolts , Steel moment frame columns, Roof framing, Roof opening frames, bent plates, Expansion joints, Baffle bent plates, Drag struts, Fabric shade connections, Clerestory over two areas.

There were total 21 sequences to detail in this project & we completed the detailing of project  for approval and released 70% of steel  for fabrication .

It was very challenging to detail on the radial as per the provided radius with intermediate supporting members. All members are in skew and the geometry to match the requirements is a challenging activity. Each area is unique .

AU FOOTBALL Performance Center

Status: on going

Industry: Steel detailing

Location:  Biggio drive, Auburn

Type: Commercial  

Tonnage: 840

Schedule:   12 Weeks

One of the complicated Football center. With Tight Schedule.
Having almost 12 Sequences With 3 areas.

Overall Building size is  493’-0 x 217’-0
It is full of  Truss members and  critical Connections .

Outside of building, is covered with  Frames.
Having lot of Misc. items as  Stairs , ladders, Rails (Patio rails, Loading dock rails, Aisle rails, Ramps), Counter Brackets, Rails at Concrete stair area.
Schedule of this project is very aggressive and  15 members  are Working.