About Us

Moldtek Technologies Inc.belongs to $400 Million Moldtek Group and a distinguished Engineering and Technology Solutions partner globally based out of Cumming, Atlanta, GA.


Our expertise lies in delivering exceptional Engineering services, led by a dynamic team of young and energetic engineers guided by seasoned professionals. We have been supporting our customers over 22 years providing engineering services across construction, BIM, automotive BIW, utilities, telecom, Connection Design, and Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings to name a few.


Since our establishment in 2001, our commitment to long-term partnerships is unwavering. Investing significantly in internal resources for internal software development, quality control, training, and analytics, we ensure an unparalleled customer experience. We aim to foster a culture of continuous learning among employees to enhance project delivery and quality, aligning with customer requirements to deliver optimal value.


At Moldtek Technologies, we aspire to be your support partners in your engineering endeavors. Our dedication is towards continuously improving and providing the best customer experience to give our customers superior design engineering solutions.


MoldTek’s logo is a visual representation of our unwavering commitment to support our customers.
The interconnected elements in the design embody the strength of collaboration, reflecting our dedication to working seamlessly with our customers.
The bold and dynamic lines signify the robust support we provide, symbolizing the foundation of trust that defines MoldTek.

moldtek logo

The choice of colors, with their harmonious blend, represents the synergy between our team and our customers, where Blue represents trust, reliability & technological advancements while Orange represents energy & enthusiasm with forward-thinking and dynamic approach and also the color of choice of Industrial robots.
Combining blue and orange we aim to strike a balance between reliability and innovation, suggesting MoldTek is both technically proficient and forward-looking in its engineering solutions.

In MoldTek’s logo, every element tells a story deeply rooted in our heritage and core values. The prominent ‘T’ pays tribute to the origins of Moldtek, born from a profound connection to civil engineering. It stands as a symbol of our humble beginnings and unwavering commitment to the principles that shaped us.


The bold ‘E’ takes center stage, emphasizing our dedication to engineering excellence, which is the heartbeat of our company.

Beyond mere letters, our logo incorporates symbols representing significant facets of our work: the spanner embodies our foundation in mechanical engineering & the robotic arm symbolizes our commitment to cutting-edge technology and automation.


Moldtek has achieved a significant milestone by venturing into the realm of electric vehicles (EV). Our journey in the EV domain marks a notable achievement, showcasing our adaptability and forward-thinking approach in contributing to the future of mobility, which is prominently reflected in a distinct segment of our logo.

This particular part expresses how Moldtek values / supports Engineering. At Moldtek, we see engineering support as more than a service – it’s a partnership. Our unwavering commitment to delivering customer-centric value extends beyond the completion of projects.


The above part resembles two palms together symbolize the word Namaste which represents respect we have towards Engineering. In respecting engineering, we acknowledge the power of ideas, the beauty of design, and the trans-formative impact that thoughtful and skilled engineering can have on mankind. It’s a salute to the minds that turn dreams into reality, demonstrating that through respect to the field of engineering.

Together, these elements encapsulate Moldtek’s journey, values, and the multifaceted nature of our engineering prowess. Overall, MoldTek’s logo communicates a powerful message of support, emphasizing our role as a reliable and steadfast partner in your journey toward engineering excellence.


Laxman Rao J

Chairman and Managing Director

  • Mr. Laxman Rao J is a gold medalist and stood first in the University’s. He obtained his post graduate diploma in management from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Bangalore in 1982 specializing in Marketing and Finance. Under his leadership, Mold-tek went for public issue in 1993 and is listed on Bombay Stock Exchange & National Stock Exchange.
  • He promoted Moldtek in 1985-86 with an overall project cost of 5.5 Million. This Company under his leadership has grown over the period to become a leader in pail packaging industry in India. Moldtek made an IPO in 1993 and diversified into Structural Engineering KPO Services.

A. Subramanyam

Deputy Managing Director

  • A. Subramanyam, Deputy Managing Director of the company holds a bachelor’s degree from Regional Engineering College, Suratkal. In 1986, he promoted Moldtek along with Mr. J Lakshmana Rao. He manages the overall functioning of all the plants and in– house tool room which plays a vital role in developing products for our rigid packaging business.
  • With three decades of experience, he oversees in-house research and development division and in-house tool-room for designing and development of new products. He has developed in- house Robots and introduced IML with Robotic Technology.

P.V. Rao

Deputy Managing Director

  • P. Venkateswara Rao holds a PG Diploma in Material Management. He is the Deputy Managing Director at Mold-Tek. He has over 27 years of Industrial experience and has been associated with the Company since its inception.

As a public listed company within the Moldtek Group, we are a financially stable and trustworthy partner. With expertise in both design and manufacturing, we tailor our services to your needs, prioritizing customer satisfaction.


We aspire to address the pain points of our customers cost effectively to give them a one stop solution to their requirements and be proactive in our approach towards catering to the various projects using innovative and cutting edge technologies including AI and live project tracking for transparency in the future. This will help our customers give a clear view of how our projects are delivered and how the various quality checks are happening in realtime.


Our internal learning management system helps in ensuring our engineers are trained well in both industry and customer specific standards. Our internal language proficiency development initiatives empower our leads to communicate in other global languages like Spanish and German.


Our offices are well maintained with 10% of our power consumption derived sustainably from captive solar power along with a good comfortable working environment for our employees.


With our vast experience in various industries, we have developed dedicated and highly unique internal tools & systems internally over the past decade like I-Support, automation tools and training programs which give us a competitive edge and the ability to provide a superior value to our customers.

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