What Client Says..

We place huge value on strong relationships and have seen the benefit they bring to our
business. Customer feedback is vital in helping us to get it right.
sc steel

Dear Gajanan
I pen this letter to you and your team to express SC Steel’s thanks for your many years of service to our company. Under your leadership since 2018, Mold-Tek has proven itself to be our most competent steel detailer. Your team has executed small projects (less than 10 tons) up to multiple mega-projects (in excess of 25,000 tons) both timely and within budget. Mold-Tek details are consistently correct in the shop and the field with an error rate less than .001%. This gives SC Steel the confidence to sell most any type of project under any type of schedule constraint and know that you will perform. Furthermore Mold-Tek has often gone the extra mile to help us with pre-con exercises as well as special breakouts to help sell our change orders.

Harry C. Rodgers

Director of Project Management

I would like to point out that Mold-Tek’s Shop Call Rate for the last three months has quickly dropped from a high of 4.27 in July of this year to an excellent 2.21 in September.
The 3-Month WTD Average has followed from 3.88 down to 1.31.
We really appreciate your efforts that is producing high quality work!

David White

Vice President of Engineering
Cives steel company

Your team did an excellent job as usual. There is a reason Mold-Tek, and your team in particular, are my detailer of choice. It is because I can trust you to execute even the most difficult of projects with accuracy and a schedule that meets our needs. I thank you for once again giving your full effort to support us on this difficult project.

Jonathan Hamann

General Manager
Gem buildings

Working with Moldtek has been a refreshing experience. Their unwavering commitment to work ethics and delivering top-notch quality has made them our go-to steel detailing partner, when we need to outsource shop drawings. Our long-standing association with Moldtek speaks volumes about their consistency. They’ve always been on time, every time, making our complicated projects run smoothly. The team at Moldtek never ceases to amaze us with their impeccable quality of work. Their timely deliveries have been crucial in keeping our projects on track.

Trent Scott

Project Services Manager
division five

Good Job !
I just received Dayfield Bldg. B for fabrication. As I was looking at my white board where I track work we currently have, I noticed that I have 12 jobs listed. MoldTek is detailing 9 of those 12 jobs with 4 of those jobs in fabrication. For the past few months it has been very hectic around here with the workload that we have. MoldTek’s participation has been a big help in making these jobs run smooth. So, on behalf of Division Five, I just want to say THANK YOU for the great service that MoldTek provides this company.

Reese Rambo

Detailing Manager

MoldTek has been in line with our expectations when they supported us in the JLR program.