777 Industrial Road Project

Concord Parkway south , NC

This project has 10 buildings (70 sequences ) with Anchor Bolts, Embeds, main steel, Braces, Galv. Brick relief angles, Galv. Canopy connections, RTU framings, Roof Hatch frames



15 Weeks


777 Industrial Road Project

This new structure rest on existing building. Per design, we have to use existing building Anchor bolts in our new column framing. We have lot of coordination with field for existing Anchor bolts and Level 2 EOS framing. Also there is BRB braces and we have coordination with BRB connection Engineer. We have also coordination for beam penetrations to provide holes in beam web for plumbing and fire riser protractions.
We have provided perforated metal panel support and its layout in our Erection drawings.

We have raised RFI’s and CL’s on critical items for this project and resolved via the responses. BRB connections properly coordinated and BIM coordination done for any clashing with other Trades.